101 Goals In 1001 Days

Start date: 1 February 2020
End date: 29 October 2022

3 down, 98 to go

Personal Development


1. Come up with 101 goals for this list.
2. Read at least fifty books (3/50 – Make Your Bed by Admiral William H. McRaven, The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner, Do It Tomorrow by Mark Forster).
3. Get my driving licence.
4. Organise all the photos and videos from my phone gallery.
5. Go through all of the loose papers in my cabinets.
6. Get my hair professionally dyed.
7. Find a new hair care routine.
8. Find a new skincare routine.
9. Exercise once a week for an entire month.
10. Drink 2 litres of water every day for a week.
11. Complete at least 40 goals on this list.
12. Visit a dermatologist.
13. Meditate every day for a week.



14. Design a new about me page.
15. Publish one new blog post a week for a year.
16. Set up a blog newsletter.
17. Set up an editorial calendar.
18. Buy Adobe Lightroom and take an online course on it.
19. Buy Final Cut Pro and take an online course on it.
20. Film, edit, and publish at least five YouTube videos.
21. Post to Instagram Stories every day for a month.
22. Organise my Google Drive account.
23. Organise the files on my external hard-drive.
24. Redesign my resume.
25. Design a media kit for the blog.
26. Find a new part-time job.
27. Make some small adjustments to the blog’s theme.



28. Celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary.
29. Send family holiday cards.
30. Celebrate our tenth anniversary.
31. Play mini golf together.
32. Celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary.
33. Take our son to a baby swimming lesson.
34. Cook at least five new dishes together.
35. Take and frame a family photo.

Family + Friends


36. Make a list of allergies, dietary restrictions and food preferences for frequent dinner guests.
37. Make a meal plan for one full year.
38. Reorganise our recipe binder.
39. Create a master list of our favourite meals.
40. Host five family dinners.
41. Make a list of gift ideas for family and friends.
42. Host a holiday at our home.
43. Have a girl’s day out with my Mum and sisters.
44. Cook twenty recipes from our cookbooks.
45. Have a girl’s night out with my university friends.



46. Purchase a new laptop.
47. Complete three no-spend months.
48. Complete Dave Ramsey Baby Step 3.
49. Purchase a new bed.
50. Stay fully within budget for one month.
51. Purchase a new sofa.
52. Reduce our grocery budget by 10 per cent for one month.
53. Purchase an at-home gel nail polish kit.
54. Reorganise our finance binders.
55. Purchase new winter essentials, like a coat, gloves, and a scarf.
56. Find a comfortable pair of slippers to wear around the house.



57. Finish the closet in the nursery.
58. Share all of the nursery details on the blog.
59. Make a will.
60. Get into a post-baby workout routine.
61. Host an amazing themed first birthday party.
62. Organise baby clothes.
63. Organise the baby toys and necessities in the living room.
64. Store unused baby items in the attic.



65. Frame and hang some of our wedding photos.
66. Frame and hang our hallway mirror.
67. Install fire and smoke alarms throughout the house.
68. Get home insulation for the attic and for the basement.
69. Organise all our shoe-care supplies.
70. Get fresh flowers for the house every week for at least a month.
71. Organise our big bathroom cabinet.
72. Paint our bedside tables and organise the drawers.
73. Organise the cupboard under the sink in the kitchen.
74. Find an organising system for all gift wrapping supplies.
75. Clear out the guest bedroom.
76. Organise my sewing supplies, including the buttons.
77. Find and frame a painting for our dining room.
78. Reorganise my make-up brushes.
79. Sort out our wedding DVDs.
80. Replace the doorknobs on the ground floor.
81. Replace all our worn tea towels.



82. Renew my frequent flyer pass.
83. Take a family holiday abroad.
84. Renew my passport.
85. Get a passport for the baby.
86. Have a stay-cation.
87. Organise our travel necessities and supplies.

Just For Fun


88. Complete two Skillshare courses.
89. Fully reorganise my current laptop.
90. Learn a modern calligraphy alphabet using worksheets.
91. Finish all courses and e-books I already own.
92. Watch all videos in my YouTube “Watch Later” playlist.
93. Complete the 30 Days to Simplify your Life challenge.
94. Reorganise and sort through my Pinterest account.
95. Take a yoga class.
96. Finish writing my short story.
97. Help someone else organise a room in their home.
98. Watch all six season of Lost.
99. Get a facial.
100. Watch series 11 and series 12 of Dr Who.
101. Go through all of the podcasts on my phone.