18 Before 2018: Results

18 Before 2018 Results by Sarahboparah

It feels a little surreal to be writing this post today. With only three days left until New Year’s Eve, the year is officially coming to a close, and the time has come to reflect upon the things I set out to achieve. At the end of September, I wrote about my 18 Before 2018: the 18 goals I hoped to achieve before 2018 rolled around. Today, I’m sharing the results with you.

01 / Go on biweekly dates with my husband. Done! The little notes I put in my planner were a very good way to remind myself to make time for us. In fact, I’m carrying over the idea to my planner for the new year!

02 / Have my family over for dinner once a month. Done! Although it didn’t quite come to picking a date that would serve as a standing invitation each month, we had many successful dinners, and we’re currently planning the one for the month of January. 

03 / Finish writing my thesis. Done! I complete rewrote and handed in the second full draft of my thesis at the beginning of November. My department then did something that put a spanner in the works, and to make a long story (which I can’t share just yet) short, I’ve got a new supervisor and a new deadline for 2018, so this goal is, sadly, going to be around for a while longer.

04 / Get my drivers licence. Not done. All of my income is still currently being funnelled towards my education, but I hope to get it in the new year!

05 / Get a full-time job. Not done. Although I have started working again as a part-time tutor, I can’t commit, just yet, to a full-time job because of school. 

06 / Complete Baby Step #2. Not done. I’ve made very good progress on the second of Dave Ramsey’s financial baby steps (find them here) and paid off most of my debts, but I’m carrying over some to the next year with me.

07 / Complete a round of BBG. Not done. I had a few workouts, but I wasn’t happy, and eventually managed to find the reason for that: the workouts just didn’t suit my needs. I’ve picked a different program to try in the new year that I’m quite excited about, though!

08 / Purchase new curtains. Not done. We were in the store to order, only to be told the fabric we had originally planned to buy had been discontinued, so we had to wait for the new collection to arrive to pick out something that would match the feel we wanted. The collection finally arrived last week, and now we’re going to wait for a good discount before ordering them.

09 / Paint the staircase and the banisters. Not done. At this point, this is a two-week project, and we just couldn’t find a time pocket to work on it. No matter! We’ll try again next year.

10 / Purchase wardrobe. Not done. For some reason, we didn’t really get to this, either, so it’s the first thing on the list for next year.

11 / Go through all of my books. Not done. Although I’ve managed to plough through both of the 1,200 page books by Ayn Rand that were on my reading list for the year, I still have 17 books to read to complete this goal. I’m currently not sure if I’m going to simply give the books away to charity or commit to reading them again in the new year. What do you think?

12 / YouTube. Not done. While I did upload some videos, it wasn’t even close to the amount that I was hoping to put up. I’m going back to the drawing board to try and figure out a strategy that works for me.

13 / Get on schedule, then get ahead. Not done. I have, however, downloaded a blog planner, and I’m going to set that up in the hopes that keeping everything in one place will help me get ahead for both my YouTube channel and this little blog.

14 / Clear my phone gallery. Done! I set aside an afternoon to sort through the thousands of photos on my phone and my gallery is now blissfully empty again.

15 / Clean out my computer folders. Done! I actually did this on the same day as my phone gallery, because I needed to transfer a lot of files back and forth, anyway.

16 / Get doorbell fixed. Done! We can now ring it again to our hearts’ content.

17 / Book a dentist appointment. Done! I’m due for an appointment in January.

18 / Sort out boxes. Done! I sorted through all of the boxes and yesterday I donated all of the unwanted items to charity.

Although I didn’t complete all of the goals I was hoping to get to, I’m still quite satisfied with how I did, and I’ll be trying to finish some of these goals in the new year. Did you do the 18 before 2018 challenge? Did you love it or hate it?

18 Before 2018 Results from Sarahboparah.


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