A Mini Organising Project: Laundry Cabinet


Sometimes, something just isn’t adding up in your home in terms of organisation. Case in point, our laundry cabinet, pictured above. It stands in our largely-unfinished-attic, just beside our tumble dryer and washing machine. It’s meant to be utilitarian until we finish the attic in its entirety, but still, the configuration was wonky, and the time had come to do something about it.

In an ideal world, I’d get a different cabinet all together — a wider one, with a door — so that we can have a little bit more space and fit in everything. But mostly, this was about spending as little money as possible, and simply re-configuring things to ensure everything fit.

The first step was to take everything out of the cabinet and sort it into categories. Washing powder to one side, stain removal to the other, miscellaneous items in the middle. Since the cabinet wasn’t too full, this took only five minutes.

Next, I gave the cabinet a good cleaning with a microfiber cloth and my favourite all-purpose cleaner.*

Then it was time to reconfigure the shelves so that I could fit everything in comfortably. The cabinet being a second-hand IKEA Billy bookcase with adjustable shelves, this step consisted of lifting out the shelves and pulling out the metal pegs holding them up.

Here is the after of the cabinet:


The top shelf holds the containers of washing powder and laundry liquid currently in-use, so they’re quick to grab when I’ve just put in a load. The white lidded box, which is the IKEA Kuggis, holds a couple of mesh laundry bags for small and delicate items (like toys) and an extra measuring cap for laundry liquid. The box is the only thing I purchased for this project.

The second shelf holds stain removers, while the third shelf holds extra powders and liquids. We normally don’t have that much on hand, but there was a great sale last week, which we were happy to take advantage of.

I’ve kept the extra shelves and pins for the cabinet stacked against the side, so I can easily add more storage if necessary. Such a simple and small project, which took me only 25 minutes to do, but this little change makes me so happy!

Any mini organising projects you’re hoping to tackle this week? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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