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I’ve loved reading since I was little. During hazy late-summer afternoons, I balanced books on skinned knees on my grandmother’s brown sofa and got willingly lost for hours; during frigid winters, I rested books on my pillow and tucked myself underneath the covers, sneaking out a hand every now and then to flip a page.

Writing came later: scraps of paper with notes about fictional worlds and characters, fragments of sentences written down in a notebook I kept in the bottom drawer of my desk and, then, actual stories, which I sometimes shared with people, but more often didn’t.

Like reading, writing was an unstructured, leisurely activity for me. It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that when I began this blog back in 2017, I jumped in, instinctively, wholeheartedly, excitedly.

Looking back, that was kind of a funny decision. I mean, I had been thinking about starting a blog for years — to approach it so blindly meant it somehow, surprisingly quickly, changed from something I had always wanted to do to something that made me feel inadequate. I started getting lost in my own ideas and often, I wondered if I should have learned more about blogging before I took the plunge.

When life finally balanced itself out after I got my Master’s degree, I began thinking about a redesign for this dream of mine, which I decided to set in motion at the end of March — for no reason other than that it simply felt like the right time. And since I got a few requests to, I’ll be sharing an in-depth look at the re-branding process in an upcoming post.

In the last three weeks, I learned to refocus my attention on the things that matter most, and it gave me a clearer vision of all that I want you to take away when you step into the blog for a visit. I also learned that sometimes, when fear and doubt invite themselves into your life, choosing not to let them in is one of the best decisions you can make.

Ultimately, life isn’t about looking back, it’s about looking ahead. It’s about choosing to move forward and choosing to celebrate new beginnings. Oh, and speaking of new beginnings

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