Organising My Life: The Benefit of Others

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This week, for me, has been dedicated to helping others. I helped meet deadlines, offered tech support, and agreed to fulfil a number of last-minute, day-of requests that eventually culminated in the fact that this post has gone live on Friday, instead of Tuesday, as I had originally intended.

It’s, of course, ever-so-gratifying to be able to help others, but it does leave little room for my own goals. I feel behind. I am behind. So, in this post, I’ll reflect on the goals I mentioned in my post last week, and set a handful of new ones.


Last week: Cleaning out my paper drawer

I mentioned last week that I would like to clean out the paper drawer in my living room. Unfortunately, I didn’t get round to even touching it, so I’ll be carrying over this goal into next week. I’ve also decided on the following additional goal:

  • Clearing out the bookcases
    We’ve got a number of bookcases in our living room that have, seemingly overnight, attracted the attention of a variety of items that really don’t belong in there. I want to take all of those things out, and find proper places for them in our home.


Last week: Finish baby gift

I made very good progress on the baby gift front, actually, but I haven’t finished what I could this last week. Now that the last two gifts have arrived, I want to finish it before the end of August rolls around, just to have it done. For next week, I also want to accomplish the following goal:

  • Finish editing YouTube videos
    I have several YouTube videos filmed, I just haven’t gotten round to reviewing the footage, editing it, recording a voice-over, designing a thumbnail, or do anything that has to do with the process, really. Since September heralds the start of back-to-school season, I want to work towards releasing a video every week in September, and getting the work started before hand will be crucial.


Last week: Drinking at least 1 litre of water every day

I managed to stick with this habit for this week, as well. Since it was still scorchingly hot, I even surpassed it on most days. I’m so happy it’s been going so well! I’m not going to be introducing a new habit this week, but I will next week if I manage to stick to this one three weeks running!

A New Project

Last week: Finish our budgets

I wasn’t looking forward to working on our budgets, and that fact might’ve played a deciding role when I had to re-arrange things this week; it was the first thing to go. I managed to start and get current for the month of August, but I stopped half-way through the beginning of July so, for next week, I want to round off the May budget and finish the budgets for June and July. As for a new goal, here’s what I had in mind:

  • Properly close the last few months in my bullet journal
    I’ve been getting better and better about ensuring that I “close” the weeks in my bullet journal — meaning I check my lists for any and all unfinished tasks and transfer them to a list, to be tended to when necessary — but I have been changing things up a bit in my bullet journalling system, and that means this hasn’t been done for the month of July nor the month of August so far. I want to ensure the system is current and clear before I move on to September.

And those are my goals for the week! What are your goals for the week? Have you ever had a week where you couldn’t focus on your own things as much as you wanted? And how are you doing in your quest to get organised? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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