December Monthly Meal Plan

December Monthly Meal Plan by Sarahboparah

Tomorrow marks the first day of December which, despite the growing frigidity of the weather, still feels a little surreal. With the last month of the year, however, comes the arrival of winter, which is my favourite season of all, so when it came to drawing up my monthly meal plan, I found myself relying on old, comfortable staples and hearty and warm new recipes.

Before I share my meal plan for the month of December with you, I should make note of a few things:

  • My meal plans only include dinner. This is because we eat cereal for breakfast and homemade bread for lunch, so that’s always sorted. 
  • I don’t consider my meal plans to be set in stone. Sometimes, we end up eating something else or meals end up being switched to different days, and that’s perfectly fine by me.
  • All of our dinners are vegetarian, but an occasional meat dish slips in about once a week.
  • Our household currently consists of only two people, whereas most dishes I cook are for four to six. This means we have leftovers, and I do schedule days for those.

Below, I’ll share my 31-day meal plan for the month of December and, tucked away at the end of this post, a PDF printable I’ve created that includes all of the meals, should you be interested in having this plan for yourself. I’ve also included links, where available online, to the recipes I’m using.

December Monthly Meal Plan

First days: December 1 – December 3

  • Friday: Stuffed peppers with rice
  • Saturday: Pizzas
  • Sunday: Leftovers

Week 1: December 4 – December 10

Week 2: December 11 – December 17

Week 3: December 18 – December 24

Week 4: December 25 – December 31

Monthly Meal Plan Printable

To download the printable PDF file for the month of December, which consists of a calendar with all of the meals for the month, you can either click the image below or the link here.

December 2017 Monthly Meal Plan Printable Calendar from Sarahboparah.

So there you have it — my December monthly meal plan! How do you plan your meals?

December Monthly Meal Plan from Sarahboparah.


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