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For most of 2018, I found myself in somewhat murky waters, which is probably why it has taken me some time to pick up all of the pieces and to start thinking of what I actually want to achieve in 2019. Given the unsettled feeling that permeated throughout life over the last year, I believed it to be better to start this year off slowly, taking small, decisive steps forward, instead of leaping forward bravely and falling over flat.

Following this train of thought, I’m starting the month of January off with only a scant handful of goals. Then, at the beginning of February, I’ll share how I’ve fared, so you can follow my progress and see how I’ll be starting off the new month.

Here are my six goals for January:

Update my resume. I mentioned in my last post that I turned down a promotion and didn’t renew my contract. It wasn’t a decision taken lightly, but definitely the best one I could have taken under the circumstances. Following that decision, however, I’ll need to update my resume. I actually want to take the time to do that very properly and give it a major overhaul, something I believe one should do once a year.

Finalise and submit work hours. I worked a lot of overtime in November and December at my previous job, and I haven’t gotten paid for those hours yet. I want to finalise my work hours Excel-sheet and submit it to my supervisor, so I can get paid.

Receipts. One of the ways I keep track of our spending each month is by saving all of our receipts and transferring the amounts to an Excel sheet. While I did check on our spending throughout the year, said Excel-sheet has been sadly neglected for a while, and the pile of receipts has grown to Dark Tower-like proportions. I want to process and then recycle them all.

Plan out three blog posts. The blog was a quiet place for most of 2018, and I’m slowly getting ready to change that. I’m not fully sure yet what my vision for the blog is but, presently, I have three posts in my head that I want to try and make progress on this month, including the one you’re reading now. I’ll be awarding myself extra points if I also get them published.

Savings account. The smallest goal on the list, this is nonetheless one that I’ve neglected to do for a while. I need to transfer some money into two different savings accounts, but I have to do some small calculations before I can do so. I should be able to easily knock those out and get this goal done.

Study. The final goal on my list is to study. I want to get my driving licence this year and while it wasn’t financially feasible last year, I have money set aside now. I want to take my theory test first, and while I have everything I need for it at hand, I do need to get down and study. I don’t know if I’ll have time to go through the whole book and take the exam in January, but I want to at least go through 100 pages and make flashcards for all of the road and traffic signs.

What do you want to get done in the month of January? Have you made a goal list? I’d love to hear your thoughts and/or read your lists in the comments below.


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