Mini Review: Eight Weeks with the Joolz Geo

Unexpectedly, our beloved pram had to be taken in to be repaired, and our seller very kindly offered to loan us one of their prams until we would be getting it back. With an estimated two to five week waiting period, we were thrilled. From their collection, they loaned us a Joolz Geo, alongside an upper seat, carseat adapters, and a rain cover.

The pram was decked out in the brand’s classic blue colour-way, and sported a black leather handlebar. It had been one of the prams we had originally considered buying for its ability be used for two children simultaneously, but we rejected it due to its size when collapsed. With some expert wrangling on my husband’s part, we managed to fit it safely into the boot of our car, and started the journey home.

In the end, we used the Joolz Geo for over eight weeks. I used it daily, even more intensely than I had our own pram — the weather was getting better and better each day, and I ran an endless amount of errands, which had originally been forgotten in the frigid, wintry newborn haze.

During that time, we learned a lot about that little pram, and I thought it might be a good idea to share our thoughts with you if you’re in the market for one. Here are three things we loved about the Joolz Geo:

  1. It’s very easy to switch seats. An endless amount of errands meant a lot of car trips, and with this stroller, it’s a cinch. You press the two large round buttons on the side of the seat, and it lifts right off.
  2. The loops on either side of the upper seat. Joolz is known, first and foremost, for being a design-focused brand, and that was evident in the details. One of those features was the small loops on either side of the seat, which allows you to hang a pram toys, if you wish to keep your little one entertained.
  3. The easily-adjustable handlebar height. The height of the handlebar can be easily adjusted by flicking the silver buttons at the side down, and with a pull or a push, you’re ready to go.

And here are three things we didn’t love so much:

  1. It’s not a good all-terrain pram. Even though it’s advertised as an all-terrain stroller, the Joolz Geo isn’t ideally suited for bumpy roads. We live nearby farmlands and fields, and the paths are unevenly paved, if they are paved at all. This stroller wasn’t ideally suited for these bumpy roads, even with the two front wheels clicked down, as the brand recommends when traversing rough terrains.
  2. The standard sun hood doesn’t protect very well against the sun. Whilst you can buy the brand’s comfort covers for increased sun protection for your little one, the standard sun hood included with the stroller barely comes down to your child’s forehead, so you’ll need to invest in those covers if you live somewhere that’s not perpetually overcast, as most do.
  3. The signs of wear and tear were quite significant. The Joolz Geo stroller we were loaned had been used as a display model, but that’s where the the rub shows, of course. The shopping basket collapsed, at random, even when there was nothing in it. The handy buttons to take the seat off had become stiff and fussy, and sometimes refused to work. And, most annoyingly, the pram’s hood kept collapsing at the most random times, even when the pram wasn’t in use.

All in all, whilst we had originally looked into purchasing the Joolz Geo, we were happy to return it to our seller, even if we did share a handful of daring, mud-streaked adventures, and get our own pram back.

So, what about you? Are you in the market for a pram? Which brands are you looking at? Is there one you would highly recommend?

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