My Evening Routine

My Evening Routine by Sarahboparah

Although I am more of a morning person, there’s something calming about the way the day winds down in the evening. On these wintry days, the sky darkens to an indigo black just after four, and it’s then I begin, sometimes a bit reluctantly, my evening routine.

Unlike my morning routine, my evening routine consists of only eight steps, but it takes significantly longer to complete. As requested, I’m sharing it with you below.

01 / Make dinner. I begin my evenings by tying on my apron and then heading towards the kitchen to make dinner. Depending on the type of meal I’m making, this will take somewhere between thirty minutes to an hour and a half. As I chop, saute, grate and fry, I put away any dishes I’ve used, so that the kitchen is mostly, if not completely, tidy when it’s time to eat.

02 / Clean the kitchen. After dinner, I take our plates, cups and cutlery, alongside any pans or dishes I may have used to prepare or serve the meal in, and stack the dishwasher. Anything that is too large or can’t go in, I wash by hand and put on a drying rack. If needed, I wipe down the stove top while the stains are still fresh. Admittedly, I sometimes forget that last step, but then I make sure to clean it the next morning.

03 / Check dinner plans for the next day. Next, I glance briefly at my meal plan for the month to see what I have planned for dinner the next day. This to ensure that the pots and pans I need to use are clean, and that everything is defrosted or marinating, as needed.

04 / Tidy downstairs. Besides the kitchen, I also like to tidy up downstairs before I head up to begin the second half of my routine. I fold the blankets that are inevitably strewn across the sofa, fluff up the pillows, put any dishes into the dishwasher, and put away anything that’s out of place. 

05 / Pack my bag. If I need to head out the next day, I ensure that I’ve got everything that I need packed in my bag, from notebooks to phone chargers. This habit, which I’ve had since high school, is essential in making my mornings a little more streamlined. 

06 / Make a list for the next day. I take my bullet journal, which is a dotted A5 Leuchtturm1917, and write down all of the tasks that need to get done the next day, breaking them down into smaller, manageable steps as I go. Then, I check my vertical Erin Condren Life Planner (referral link) to ensure that all appointments and events are included on that list, as well.

07 / Tidy desk. If I have had a day at home, I’ve likely been sat at my desk, and have pulled out books, pens, planners and other things to use during the day. I make sure those are all put back and there’s nothing on my desk but my bullet journal and my laptop. If I’m going out the next day, those things are already in my bag.

08 / Shower, brush teeth, skincare, apply lip-balm. Unless I did a workout sometime during the day, I shower in the evenings, wash my hair if necessary, brush my teeth, do my skincare routine, and, after I’m fully dressed for bed, I apply lip-balm, especially in winter, when my lips tend to be really dry. Then, I burrow down deep under the covers to sleep.

So there we go, my super simple 8-step evening routine. Do you have an evening routine? If so, what’s it like?

My Evening Routine from Sarahboparah.


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