My Morning Routine

My Morning Routine by Sarahboparah

There’s something about the stillness of the morning that has always soothed me. When I was in high school, I would wake up at 5:30 every morning. I would get dressed, head downstairs, make breakfast, and open the curtains, looking out at the majestic tree in my parents’ garden while I ate and breathed in the quiet morning air.

Over the years, the time of my alarm clock may have changed, but my wonderment at the pink-tinged early morning sky has never done so. I’ve had a few requests over on Instagram to share my simple, 10-step morning routine, so here goes!

01 / Get out of bed and get dressed. While sometimes, there’s a bit of wistful hiding under the warm blankets when my alarm rings, the first thing I do in the morning is get out of bed and change out of my pyjamas and into my outfit for the day, which usually consists of a worn and comfy pair of jeans and a shirt.

02 / Air out the room and tidy. After getting dressed, I fold back the covers, open the curtains, and open the window, so that the warm, sleepy air is carried way and the room is filled with the fresh air of the morning. Then, I fold my pyjamas, tuck them under my pillow, and if there are any clothes or things strewn about from last night, I put them away, so the room is tidy when I leave it.

03 / Hair, skincare, teeth, make-up. I head over into the bathroom, do my hair (I favour ponytails and buns), do my simple, four-step skincare routine, and brush my teeth. I don’t actually wear make-up during the week, but if I’m heading somewhere special, I do my make-up and leave the bathroom as I found it.

04 / Tidy the kitchen and have breakfast. Downstairs, I start by tidying the kitchen. I put away clean dishes; wash any dishes that have been soaking overnight; unload the dishwasher if it ran; and put away anything that’s out of place. Then, I make my breakfast, which consists of cereal, milk, a glass of water, and my vitamins. I eat while reading a book or browsing on my phone, and then I put away the bowl and the glass, if I’m not working from home. If I am home for the day, I take the glass back upstairs to my desk and keep it there as a reminder to drink water during the day.

05 / Make the bed. Next, I pop back into the bedroom, make the bed, and fluff the pillows. If it’s a lovely day out and I’m at home, I leave our bedroom window open, but if it’s a frigid, wintry morning or if I’m leaving home, I make sure to close it.

06 / Laundry. Although I love doing laundry, I don’t need to do it every day at this point, so this step is optional. But if necessary, I put a load of laundry into the machine, fold any clean clothes, put away folded clothes or hang any clothes that are freshly washed up on the drying rack.

07 / Mail. We don’t get a startling amount of mail, by any means, but it does tend to be one of those things that piles up, so I’ve found it to be best if I deal with it as soon as it comes in. I take our mail inside and I shred, recycle, put any mail that’s not for me where my husband can find it, and open any mail that needs opening.

08 / Check my bag. If I’m leaving the house, I’ve found it to be a good idea to check my bag and see if I’ve got everything I need. If I’m staying out all day, I tend to bring my phone charger, my headphones, a book, and a homemade snack or two for when I’m hungry.

09 / Do any necessary meal prep. If I’m making a dish for dinner that requires anything fussy beforehand – think brining, marinating or making a dough that needs to sit for hours – I make sure to do it now, so that I can save some time on cooking dinner in the evening.

10 / Meditate and write Morning Pages. The final step in my morning routine is one that doesn’t always happen, especially not if I’ve got a busy day ahead, but I have found that if I do complete it, I feel so much better and happier during the day. The first part of it is meditating, which I try to do for 10 minutes at the least, but more if I’ve got time. The second part of it is writing my Morning Pages, which is a habit I read about online (here’s a good article); essentially, you fill three pages with your thoughts before you start your day. 

So there you have it, my simple, 10-step morning routine. What is your morning routine like? 

My Morning Routine from Sarahboparah.


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