My%20First%20Trimester%20RecapMy First Trimester Recap

My First Trimester Recap

Thank you so much for the kind comments and excitement for baby number two! We can’t be more thrilled to add a little one to the family.

Minimalist%20Bullet%20Journal%20Monthly%20Setup:%20DecemberMinimalist Bullet Journal Monthly Setup: December

Minimalist Bullet Journal Monthly Setup: December

The holidays are easily my favourite time of year, and although I can imagine we’re all collectively hoping next year’s festive season will be different than this one is going to be, I’m grateful to be happy and healthy, and I’m actually really looking forward…

Our%20Family%20is%20GrowingOur Family is Growing

Our Family is Growing

We’re so thrilled and excited to announce that we’re expecting a little one! It’s been quite a secret to keep, but I suspect some of you might have already guessed from my sudden leave of absence over on Instagram. The baby will be arriving in…

Organising%20My%20Life:%20The%20Benefit%20of%20OthersOrganising My Life: The Benefit of Others

Organising My Life: The Benefit of Others

This week, for me, has been dedicated to helping others. I helped meet deadlines, offered tech support, and agreed to fulfil a number of last-minute, day-of requests that eventually culminated in the fact that this post has gone live on Friday, instead of Tuesday, as I had originally intended.

Organising%20My%20Life:%20Thinking%20Back,%20Moving%20ForwardOrganising My Life: Thinking Back, Moving Forward

Organising My Life: Thinking Back, Moving Forward

Last week, before the heat wave, I shared with you four goals I wanted to finish, against all odds, before today came around. Now, as promised, I’m not only sharing my results, but also the next steps I plan on taking in the ongoing effort to organise my life on very little sleep.