Brittany%20Butter%20CakeBrittany Butter Cake

Brittany Butter Cake

I feel like everyone should have a last minute, oh-we’ve-got-company-coming cake. The kind of cake that’s reassuringly undemanding, requires only one bowl, and comes together in under an hour, leaving you with your hands free to do a quick tidy or get yourself ready.

The%20Cutest%20Summer%20Clothes%20I%20Bought%20My%201-Year-OldThe Cutest Summer Clothes I Bought My 1-Year-Old

The Cutest Summer Clothes I Bought My 1-Year-Old

The arrival of August also seems to have coincided with my 1-year-old toddler growing, seemingly overnight, out of all of his clothes; his bodysuits suddenly don’t fit properly, his trousers are suddenly-too-short, and his tees are too tight.

Getting%20Unstuck,%20or%20How%20To%20Organise%20Your%20LifeGetting Unstuck, or How To Organise Your Life

Getting Unstuck, or How To Organise Your Life

What with everything going on in the world right now, including some quite unintentional but nonetheless heavily intense sleep deprivation on my part, life hasn’t felt very organised lately. In fact, I’ve been feeling rough around the edges and, actually, a little stuck.

Life,%20LatelyLife, Lately

Life, Lately

Is there a word for “I’m extremely sleep-deprived and falling apart a little at the seams?” Asking for a friend.

5%20Tips%20for%20Meditating%20Successfully5 Tips for Meditating Successfully

5 Tips for Meditating Successfully

On a balmy Thursday morning, the lovely girl I was training with, who was also a licensed yoga teacher, suggested ending our lesson with a short meditating session. Blinking rapidly, I told her, quite honestly, that I felt that meditating seemed a bit airy fairy,…