The Cutest Summer Clothes I Bought My 1-Year-Old

July’s weather was flighty but mostly somber; weeks would be filled with days of gloomy grey skies and the calming, intermittent pitter-pattern of rain. Now that the calendar has officially turned to August, it seems like summer has snuck its way on stage and, without warning, brought with it humidity and heat in spades.

The arrival of August also seems to have coincided with my 1-year-old toddler growing, seemingly overnight, out of all of his clothes; his bodysuits suddenly don’t fit properly, his trousers are suddenly-too-short, and his tees are too tight.

So he was in desperate need of new clothes, and I spent an hour or two trudging bravely through the trenches of online sales and new arrivals to piece together an entirely new summer wardrobe for him. Since I love seeing what other mums buy, I’m sharing everything I bought for him below!


I purchase most of my son’s clothes from Zara and H&M, not only because of the price and quality, but also because they are both stores that are close to where I live and, perhaps more importantly, they do home deliveries, a godsend in these times. Whilst both brands can have more expensive pieces, the sales are great, and they are always my starting off point.

As for size, my son wears a size 12-18 months for both stores. He already has a cardigan and a jacket in that size, so that should see him through the chillier days (of which none are in sight so far, more’s the pity). Should temperatures plummet overnight, I’ll probably be ordering him one or two jumpers or long-sleeve shirts, and I’ll be sure to share here when I do!


PinitSarahboparah - 1-Year Old Summer Wardrobe

Zara 5-pack of Animal Print Bodysuits

These are 100% cotton, so they should be nice and airy for summer. I’ve purchased bodysuits from Zara before and they were dreamily soft, so I’m looking forward to these.

PinitSarahboparah - 1-Year Old Summer Wardrobe - Sleepsuit

Zara Ribbed Cotton Sleepsuit in Sky Blue

For some reason, I can’t find this adorable ribbed sleep-suit on the website any more, but I’ve linked to the one with the same reference code. I’m so looking forward to getting this, it’s adorable!


PinitSarahboparah - 1-Year Old Summer Wardrobe - Market Tee

H&M Printed T-Shirt

This printed t-shirt was only not only £2.99 (absolute bargain!), but it’s also made out of 100% cotton jersey, so it’ll be stretchy and great for summer.

PinitSarahboparah - 1-Year Old Summer Wardrobe - Dinosaur Tee

H&M 2-pack Jersey T-shirts

A set of two 100% cotton tees, one of which has dinosaurs and other of which is a bright summer-y yellow, so obviously they’re the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe.

PinitSarahboparah - 1-Year Old Summer Wardrobe - Fish Shirt

Zara Fish Print Shirt

A gem I found lurking in the back of Zara’s sale section, reduced from £14.99, and ideal for dressier summer situations. I can’t find a link to it online any more, but they might still have it in stores. If you are looking for it, the reference code is 8574/545.


PinitSarahboparah - 1-Year Old Summer Wardrobe - Lion Shorts

H&M 2-pack Jersey Shorts

These shorts are from the H&M Conscious collection, and when our budget allows it, I try to always incorporate pieces from that collection into my son’s wardrobe. These neutral shorts will work well with the other pieces I’ve chosen, and the lion print is so cute.

PinitSarahboparah - 1-Year Old Summer Wardrobe - Blue Shorts

H&M 2-pack Jersey Shorts

This are the same shorts as above, only in the more neutral gray and navy-blue colour way offered. They appear to have sold out since I bought them two days ago, but these cotton navy chinos, which were my back-up option, are still available and would be great for a dressier option!

PinitSarahboparah - 1-Year Old Summer Wardrobe - Trousers

H&M 5-pack Cotton Trousers

For the chillier days, I really love the stretch-waisted, cotton jersey trousers from H&M. He’s been wearing them since he was about two months old, alongside these joggers, which I keep re-purchasing in bigger sizes.

And that’s it for my son’s summer wardrobe! Have you added anything new to your summer wardrobe lately? Anything you’re saving up for? Have you been shopping for your little one and scored a really good deal? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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