The March Goals Challenge

Discipline creates freedom.
— Joel Runyon

In my March bullet journal post, I mentioned how February seems to have absolutely flown by. I’m still on bedrest, but with the day of baby’s arrival getting closer and closer, I’m beginning to get a bit nervous.

You see, there are a lot of goals I really want and need to get done this month, and the list just keeps growing! A lot of them have to do with preparing for the baby, but some also are related to backlog I’m still trying to shift.

So, for the month of March, I’ve decided to set myself a challenge: I’m going to try and complete all of my goals, one at a time. In today’s post, I’m sharing everything about The March Goals Challenge and how you can join in (and win!)

The March Goals Challenge: How To Participate

The March Goals Challenge is meant to be a fun and motivating event that everyone can participate in. This means there are no rules when it comes to how you work on your goals, how big your goals have to be, how many goals you have to complete, and so on and so forth — it’s all up to you!

The aim of the challenge is to complete all of the goals on your list /before/ March 31st, which is when this challenge officially ends.

The March Goals Challenge: How To Win

Isn’t a challenge more fun when there are prizes to be won? That’s why, if you decide to join The March Goals Challenge, you can win a prize each week!

At the start of each week, I’ll share which goals I’m going to work on, and the next Tuesday, I’ll share my progress right here on the blog. To enter the challenge, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Share the goals you’re going to be working on this week in the comments down below.
  2. Share your progress during the week on social media at least once using the hashtag #sarahboparahMGC. The more you share, the more bonus entries you earn. Be sure to tag me @sarahboparah so I can see how you’re doing!
  3. You can enter the challenge on any day of the week, as long you submit your comment before 7AM GMT every Tuesday.

That’s it! I’ll announce a new winner every Tuesday (9 March, 16 March, 23 March, and 30 March). If you entered and didn’t win, you can enter again the following week.

I’ll contact the winner through e-mail, so be sure to enter a valid e-mail address when you leave a comment. If you win the challenge, but don’t respond to my message within 24 hours, I’ll select another winner. Winners will be selected randomly.

The March Goals Challenge: The Prize

From 1 March to 9 March, you can enter to win:

Sarahboparah - March Goals Challenge Prize

$20 Amazon Gift Card

The March Goals Challenge: What I’m Working On

From 1 March until 9 March, I’ll be working on the following goals:

Sarahboparah - The March Goals Challenge

Supplies: NoteBook Therapy dot-grid journal // Tombow Dual Black Brush Pen // Zebra green Mildliner highlighter // Uniball black pen

Week 1: Three Main Goals

01 // Get inboxes to zero

E-mails have been steadily piling up in the last few days, and I’ve only been dealing with the absolutely necessary ones. My first goal is to get all of my inboxes down to zero, which is how I prefer them.

02 // Finish YouTube video

I have a handful of YouTube videos filmed, but just haven’t gotten round to editing them. My second goal is to finish editing the first of these videos, which is actually a Clean With Me video!

03 // Finish 2020 donations

I’ve got two outstanding work projects my boss has asked me to complete before my maternity leave officially starts, and one of them is to finish importing all of the donations we received in 2020. My third goal is to finish importing those this week!

Week 1: Four Extra Goals

04 // Plan editorial calendar for March

I’m really wanting to return to blogging properly, and one of the things that definitely helps, is planning out my content. For example, I’ve got a lot of requested posts I’ve started on, but haven’t finished yet. My fourth goal is to plan out my editorial calendar for March, so I know when I’ll be posting what.

05 // Write blog posts for first week of March

After filling up my editorial calendar, I’ll need to sit down and write the blog posts, of course! My fifth goal is to work on the blog posts in-between my actual work, and finish the posts for the first week of March.

06 // Buy essentials for hospital bag

I have a handful of things that I still need to buy before I can begin packing my hospital bag. My sixth goal is to buy everything I need, wash all the clothes, and then pack the bag so it’s ready to go!

07 // February budget

Other than the first week, I haven’t filled out our budget for February. My seventh goal is to fill in our expenses, calculate our savings, and round off for the month, so I can begin on the budget for March.

I’m really excited to start working on all of my goals, and I hope you’ll join me and participate in the challenge. I look forward to hearing from you in the comments below!

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