Organising My Life: Thinking Back, Moving Forward

As I’m writing this, it’s unbelievably, fairly unbearably hot outside. Stupidly, I’m wearing leggings. You see, the temperature in our attic, unfortunately the place we keep our washing machine and dryer, passed 43°C over the weekend, and has failed to cool down to a more reasonable temperature. Today, it was only 34°C, so I gathered all of my courage and did two loads of laundry; tomorrow, blissfully, I’ll be back wearing my cotton summer dresses.

Last week, before the heat wave, I shared with you four goals I wanted to finish, against all odds, before today came around. Now, as promised, I’m not only sharing my results, but also the next steps I plan on taking in the ongoing effort to organise my life on very little sleep.


Last week: Cleaning out the fridge

I actually completed this goal the same day I wrote and published that blog post. I put my son down for his first nap, gathered my cleaning supplies, cleaned every shelf, transferred things to reusable containers, and labelled everything. It felt, unsurprisingly, really good.

PinitSarahboparah | Clean Fridge
Freshly washed grapes, chilling in our clean fridge for those moments in-between lunch and dinner

For the upcoming week, I’m going to focus on the following goal:

  • Cleaning out my paper drawer
    Since lockdown, my desk upstairs has, understandably, belonged to the husband (the spare bedroom has a door which muffles any and all toddlers sounds, you see), and I’ve relocated to the dining room table. And whilst it’s an incredibly spacious table, it woefully lacks storage, so anything that spills over can now be found in a drawer in our coffee table. I want to sort out the stacks of paper and receipts hidden within it this week.


Last week: Finish wedding anniversary gift

I finished this goal as well! I staggered work on this throughout the week, careful to leave it for days my husband wasn’t home or wouldn’t be home for an extended period of time, thereby whittling down the chances of him walking in at the wrong moment to none. I finished the accompanying letter just this morning, and now everything is tucked away in a safe place for our wedding anniversary this Saturday.

I’ve shared the progress here and there on Instagram Stories, and I’m so happy with how it turned out! As for the upcoming week, I want to focus on this goal:

  • Finish baby gift
    One of our family members is expecting, and I’ve been steadily collecting pieces of what is meant to be a big gift since we heard the news. She’s due late September, and subsequently, I think it’s time I start wrapping presents, writing cards, organising things, and collecting the final pieces, so we can finish the gift and have it ready and waiting for when she delivers.


Last week: Drinking at least 1 litre of water every day

I completed this habit! I was greatly helped by both the soaringly high temperatures and this cute app called Plant Nanny, which allows you to grow plants for every glass you drink. I drank at least four glasses of water every day; most of the times, more. Funnily enough, I noticed the immediate effect drinking more water had on both my appetite and my mood.

In the upcoming week, I want to continue to focus on this habit, because I’m visibly noticing a difference and I’m really liking it.

A New Project

Last week: Figuring out a system to track my work hours

To be completely honest, this was the goal I was least looking forward to, so I’m very glad I completed it. I was dreading it, because I knew it was going to be fiddly work doing all of the counting and calculations — Maths isn’t one of my strong suits — but in the end, it took me less than an hour. I’ll be keeping track of my work hours in my old Excel sheet, but it does need some reworking of formulas, unfortunately. I’ll leave that project for another week.

For now, I want to focus on the following goal:

  • Finish our budgets
    I’ve been helping a close friend figure out her budget, and it’s made me realise that I should get our own budget back up to speed. I want to set up a budget for the month of August, and then work my way backwards, and finally close out our budgets from the month of May to July as well.

Are there any goals or habits you want to work on in the following week? Then let’s do this together! I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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Organising My Life: Thinking Back, Moving Forward